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How safe are smart homes?
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СообщениеЗаголовок сообщения: How safe are smart homes?
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How safe are smart homes?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live by connecting the devices we use. It's simple enough to give remote control to a single device; the first TV remote was developed in the 1950s. But now, any device, from your hifi and TV to your heating, door locks and lighting, can be connected to a single controller through the internet, giving you total control of your home.To get more news about smart home accessories, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

The connected home can make your life easier and more enjoyable. However, it also comes with a downside. By connecting your home systems to the internet, you're opening it up to a number of security risks. We're going to show you how that happens, and we'll also give you the best home security tips to ensure your connected home is also a secure home.Smart homes use devices which can connect to the internet and contain small computers enabling them to be remotely controlled. These devices might be as small as a coffee maker or as large as your entire heating system.

What makes them different from your traditional TV remote is that they use internet protocol to link up, and they're all connected through a hub. That might be your home network router, or your smartphone.

Unlike the TV remote, these devices can collect and store information on your usage, habits, and preferences — either on the device or on the network. All that data makes your smart home a potential privacy risk, and every device you add to the network adds a new privacy concern.
Let's take a more detailed look at the types of security threats that you need to consider when you have a smart home network.First, individual devices may not be secure. Some IoT home devices are rushed to market, and their security may not have been adequately addressed. In some cases, user manuals don't address privacy concerns or give you enough information to be sure the device is secure. For instance, baby monitors and security cameras have been hacked, giving criminals the ability to see inside a house.

In fact, many experts believe that with IoT devices, you shouldn't be thinking about what happens 'if' they're hacked, but 'when' because many are easy to hack and offer little protection.

Secondly, your home network may not be secure, and any data held in that network could be accessible to an intruder. A criminal could track your usage patterns for various devices to see when you're away from home, for instance.

If your home network is controlled from your main internet account, it's not just data from your IoT devices that could be at risk. Any vulnerability could compromise your private information, including emails, your social media accounts and even your bank accounts.

Many users control their connected home through a smartphone, which makes it a very valuable database for anyone wanting to hack into your life. This creates a high risk if your phone is hacked, stolen or if someone manages to eavesdrop on your connection. Ensure your home network security isn't compromised by a single vulnerable IoT device.

If you want to benefit from the advantages of a smart home, you need to make sure that you address potential security issues first.The first step in addressing home security is to isolate your smart home network from your other networks. This is relatively easy to do by setting up guest networks for your IoT home devices. For example, your fridge could still be hacked to make it part of a botnet that sends spam or mines cryptocurrencies. However, since it occupies its own network, it won't be able to access your emails or bank account.

Using guest networks can help enhance your home network security in other ways, too; find out more about installing and using guest networks here.
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