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Great UK Supplements Details
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Add Power To Your Supplementation With These Top 5 Supplements!
Supplements must be varied when taking them regularly. Magnesium and Zinc are good partners. Adding variety to your diet also adds diversity, which will in turn help promote better health! Today's blog post will review five different supplements from around the globe that can add power to your supplementation. See this updated uk supplement tips for more information.

Ashwagandha Extract Powder - India
Ashwagandha can be described as an evergreen tree. It's primarily found in India. The Middle East and parts Africa. Named for its distinctive scent, Ashwagandha is a Sanskrit word that translates to 'Horse' and 'Gandha meaning 'Smell'. Its therapeutic use is traced as far as 6000BC. The name is utilized as a "Rasayana", an early Ayurvedic term that refers to techniques that are used to improve and extend lifespans'. It is just one of the techniques that Ayurveda was using in the early days. Although some of the claims might seem ridiculous (e.g. it could lengthen the lifespan), claims of it being able to'rejuvenate the body' are actually true.


Matcha Powder - Japan
Although it has been used in TCM for thousands of years, Matcha gained popularity in TJM (Traditional Japanese Medicine). It was brought to Japan by Myoan Eisai in the 12th century of China by an Buddhist monk. The leaves were dried in steam and ground into the fine green powder. It was then blended with boiling water to create the tea. The results showed that it eased meditation because it increased his feeling of calmness. Matcha Green Tea's long-standing usage is still in use today. Matcha Green Tea is enjoyed as a tea by people all over all over the world. It helps to relax and keep you alert. Matcha can be used in place of coffee to provide a quick boost of caffeine. The reason why is because as mentioned previously, Matcha does contain a quite a bit of caffeine (Avg: 19-44mg per gram) However it's far from the typical amount of caffeine present in coffee (96mg per 240ml). Matcha contains the perfect amount of caffeine to give you the energy boost you need, without the added baggage of jitters or a caffeine crash!

Lions Mane Extract Powder 20% - China
Lions Mane (or Lions Mane) is a kind of edible mushrooms. It is typically found in dead logs as well as from the wounds left by trees dying in Asia as well as North America. Its distinct, long spines are the reason it is referred to as "Lion's Mane" due to their similarity to a Lion's Mane. Medicinally, it has been utilized in TCM practices in which people used to add pieces of the Lions Mane mushroom into teas in order to help with the ability and overall well-being of the brain. It was also said to boost concentration as well as memory and concentration. Similar to Matcha's use it was also a favorite among Buddhist monks during meditation. They discovered it to be energizing and focused. Lions Mane is a popular Nootropics ingredient that has grown in popularity in the last 10 years. It is typically taken as liquid extracts, capsules or in powdered form that is what ours comes in. You can take between 500mg to 3000mg daily in a water-based or fruit juice mixture. Or, if you'd rather, you can make capsules of them and then take the capsules in that manner.

Acai Berry Extract 8:1 - Brazil
Acai (or 'Acai') is a type of berry which can only be picked from the Acai Palm, which is a species tree typically found in the Amazon Rainforest. Its name comes from the Portuguese version of the Tupian word iwaca'i that translates to 'The Fruit That Cries or expels'. We won't go into much detail about the meaning behind this name, but you can click here for more information! Acai Berry is a berry that was harvested by the Acai Berry was harvested by people who lived in rivers (Ribeirinhos), who used to climb Acai Palm trees to pick the berries. Then, they cut off the Acai Berry with a blade. This is still a common practice amongst the minorities. Acai is one the most sustainably grown berries because of how it is harvested and grown. Acai is an essential diet for Brazilian Tribes and their therapeutic systems. Acai Palm stems produce up to 8 bunches each year. Each bunch weighs 6kg. This is why Acai is a fantastic source of sustainable food for Amazonian peoples! Acai, which has become an increasingly popular food choice in Brazil and all over the world, is called a Superfood. Acai can be consumed as an "Acai Bowl," which is a frozen and mashed version of the berry. Our Acai Berry Extract contains all of the benefits of Acai Berry. Acai Berry in an easy-to-use powder.


Powdered Lemon Balm Extract The Middle East. The Mediterranean. And Beyond
Lemon Balm is a mint-family herb. It's most common to be found in Southern Europe and Central Asia. The reason it is known as Lemon Balm is due to the distinctive and subtle scent of Lemon that emanates from the leaves of the plant. This is why it's widely used in cooking seasonings and flavourings. However, it has been used as a medicine for thousands of year. It was recorded in Ancient Greece as well as Rome. It was given to patients to alleviate 'Melancholy Vapors.' Modern science now knows that this refers to depression or anxiety. It was not first introduced into Europe until 7th century. It gained popularity during medieval times for its capability to treat injuries, insomnia, anxiety and sleep disorders. Lemon Balm has been used for medicinal purposes throughout all over the world. It is readily accessible in liquid form at pharmacies across Central European countries like Germany and Austria. It is also present in toothpaste, ice cream, and peppermint tea bags for an additive. Our Lemon Balm Extract is in powder form. We recommend between 250mg to 1000mg per day mixed in the form of juice or water If you prefer, it can be it can be made into capsules.

In Conclusion
So there we have it! You may find 5 different Ancient Supplements on 5 different continents. Who would have thought supplements were a part of the history going to the early 1900s? Supplements have played a crucial part in the lives of people for thousands of years and we're sure they'll be here for many years to be! We hope that you've learned something from today's blog post We'll be back in the next one!
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