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NBA 2k is a basketball game
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СообщениеЗаголовок сообщения: NBA 2k is a basketball game
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If you read what he said you would understand what im saying. The continuous bashing off women for only wanting to maintain a basketball game with Cheap 2K21 MT. Like what I said how do you encourage something like blm which meant to symbolise equality for everybody but then constanly want to belittle women in everything you do. It's possible for you to compare people without bashing them. A good deal of the things being said aren't necessary, most of us know men are better than women in the majority sports no need to state it in a degrading way.

You discuss realism but your able to moonwalk past defenders, rate increase, momentium dribble spam, thus get tf from here with precision. Online gamemodes"The Park" is a open world where you can play thus stating only men are permitted in this park and only girls are allowed in this park, so do you think thats alright, thats exactly the same as stating just white men and women are allowed in 1 park and black men and women are permitted in another.

Plus it would not even be a miniature game it would its own gamemode within my career in which there is the wnba along with the nba. And advocating for another game known as wnba do you think that will be better financially for 2k as a company to seperate it to 2 different matches it would cost a lot more money, but you didn't consider that did you? I have literally debunked everything you have said. Imagine attempting to call me sexist, when your the one with the sexist ideology that amuses me.

You're arguing that if women were inserted to NBA 2K21 that could ruin realism, however there's multiple aspects of 2k that is not at alll real e.g you cant get it done in real life. You really said"concerened about bogus female avatars at a video game" stuff in this way plays into sexism as a whole and you are sat here arguing with me which doesn't cause you any better. If you play blacktop and myleague how does any of this affect you afterward. PGA im guessing is golf and NBA 2k is a basketball game what sense could it make to make a basketball when you save cash and could place it.

You behave as if I don't struggle for all equality, you dont know me. I disagree with a lot of things which happen in society when it comes to equality. Also what would be the point of including a women's my career and getting them play at the playground if they were going to get bullied everytime, that isn't any way to inspire girls to play sport, little things like this is the reason why girls drop out of game a lot of the time, im not saying this is the sole reason but it plays into it. This im not replying NBA2king.

I didn't even understood they're currently making mycareer that's fantastic! I really like it. This is something I still don't know why they did not made it for 2k20. Now for the people complaining about it, you nailed it: it's not about realism or shit, it is only misogyny. They're a lot. But it'll be amazing to see they dying mad about it.
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