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multi port tube were the first of their kind to be utilized
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Maintaining the cleanliness of any type of air conditioning or refrigeration coil is critical for proper heat exchange, and microchannel coils are no different. The use of multi port tube is becoming increasingly popular. However, technicians should be aware that the cleaning procedures for multi port tube can differ from those for standard fin and tube coil cleaning procedures.

In contrast to conventional condenser coils, microchannel condenser coils are made entirely of aluminum and consist of multiple flat tubes containing small channels (microchannels) through which the refrigerant flows. The use of angled and louvered fins between the flat tubes allows for the most efficient heat transfer possible. The coils are intended to be lighter, more durable, and to provide better heat transfer while using less refrigerant than conventional tube-and-fin coils. They also require less refrigerant charge.

micro channel tube, according to Mike Heidenreich, vice president of product engineering for the Luvata HTS (Heat Transfer Solutions) Division, tend to accumulate more dirt on the coil's face and less dirt inside the fin pack than conventional plate fin-and-tube heat exchangers because they are typically thinner in depth than conventional plate fin-and-tube heat exchangers. In order to properly clean them, it is necessary to consider the differences in their construction.

Before performing any service work on any electrical equipment, aluminium micro channel tube is necessary to disconnect the unit's power supply. Also required is the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (such as safety glasses, gloves, and other similar items).

Second, remove surface debris with a vacuum cleaner (preferably one that has a brush or other soft attachment rather than a metal tube) to prevent further damage to the carpet. Make use of compressed air to remove heavier particles from the inside out. If necessary, use a nonmetallic soft-bristle brush to assist with the removal of heavier particles. It is not permissible to impact or scrape the coil with the vacuum tube or with the air nozzle.

To clean microchannel heat exchangers, do not use any chemicals (including those marketed as coil cleaners) because they can cause corrosion. Step 3: Rinse thoroughly. Use only a rinsing motion. Rinse the microchannel heat exchanger gently with water, preferably from the inside out and from top to bottom, passing the water through each fin passage until the water runs clear.

According to Heidenreich, "Microchannel fins are stronger than traditional tube-and-fin coil fins," but "microchannel fins must still be handled with care.""Take care not to bang the hose against the coil."Also, we recommend that you place your thumb over the hose end rather than using the nozzle end because the resulting spray is gentler and the likelihood of impact damage is lower."It is possible to clean a microchannel heat exchanger with a pressure washer, but, as with any coil-finned surface, extra caution must be exercised because it is possible to irreparably damage the coil, according to Heidenreich, who added that it is possible to damage the coil. According to him, "Utilize a wide-angle spray nozzle (do not use pencil nozzles) and only spray the coil at 90 degrees to the coil face.""Remain at least 24 inches away from the coil face when using the nozzle."Maintain the 90-degree angle at all times by gently sweeping back and forth."

Step 4: Optional blow dry — Because of the fin geometry of microchannel heat exchangers, water tends to accumulate in the channels. According to the specific design and installation of the coil, blowing or vacuuming out the rinse water from a unit to speed up drying may be advantageous.

"Any type of chemical cleaner or detergent should only be used on multi port tube in the most extreme cases," the manual states."If it becomes absolutely necessary due to the failure of water alone to clean the coil, specify a cleaner that is pH neutral (an alkaline cleaner with a pH no higher than eight on the pH scale and an acidic cleaner with a pH no lower than six on the pH scale) and does not contain any hydrofluoric acid."

"Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions when using any cleaner," the bulletin advises consumers."Keep in mind that even if the cleaner's instructions specify that the coils do not need to be rinsed, it is still necessary to thoroughly rinse the coils with water after application of the cleaner."Because of improper rinsing, cleaners or detergents that remain on the coil will significantly increase the likelihood of corrosion damage to the microchannel coil."

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